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Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books. It is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. It is where different bookish topics are discussed, explained and ruminated. Different opinions are shared and blog hopping is encouraged too.

I joined this book meme because a topic could lead to different answers. It helps me share my thoughts while being educated by others posts too. Aside from this, I get to reflect on topics which interest me. Some people would not agree with my answers but that is okay, each to his own.

Blogging is a way for me to share my thoughts and feelings. This maybe for books, music, current events and others. I sometimes do blog about my personal life but not in DETAIL. An example is that I share my birthday month but not the exact date. Also, I add some personal tidbits in my monthly wrap-up. It is more of me reflecting on how I used my time as the month passed. Sometimes, I share some personal stuff like what is you favorite..? when I answer some book tags. I am a paranoid person who values safety so I don’t share sensitive data which could harm others or me.

Book blogs could expand to other topics. At first I made this blog just to share my love for books. Now, it has expanded to other topics such as k-pop, anime, movies and sometimes k-dramas. This made me less stressed and enjoy reading more. There came a time that reading and blogging became a chore that I was not able to enjoy this activities for some time. Having different topics to blog has given me a variety of choose from. This did not burn me out unlike the time that I only blogged about books.

The past months have been eventful and I cannot stop myself on commenting on some issues which are sad and frustrating. After this, I try as much as possible not to put in more personal or political stuff in this blog, aside from the family dog’s pictures and some of the food I have eaten in Instagram. I do some life updates just to give a glimpse on what is on my mind. This posts are more of my reflections on my current emotions and thoughts. Aside from me being elusive, I do have a hard time putting my emotional thoughts to words. I can share some opinions but I am not an open book because I value my privacy.

Thoughts and opinions could be shared without going over board.

Question: Do you share your personal life in your blog?

Thank you for reading!


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12 thoughts on “let’s talk bookish: online persona

  1. I really love your posts on KPOP since I tend not to follow any KPOP specific blogs and it’s nice to see someone else who shares some of my interests. I think it’s great that covering those topics makes you feel more relaxed when it comes to blogging in general. I really like when book blogs expand to cover more variety as it’s always pleasantly surprising to see who enjoys the things that I do outside of reading. I think it’s important for blogs to be a place for us to share what we want to. I keep a lot of my interests private but I’m always happy to see them represented on other blogs.

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    1. Thank you, I do enjoy doing the k-pop posts. Just like you, it was comforting to know that there are people interested in things that I like too, aside from books. I started liking k-pop when it was not very popular. Some thought it weird because of the language barrier but now k-pop and k-dramas have become so popular that this seemed like a trivial problem. I never thought the k-pop industry would be this popular. It is an exciting time for kpop, even with the pandemic happening songs are being put out and people are hyped for comebacks and debuts. As for blogging, yes I agree a blog is a place where we can share whatever we want. The beauty of it is that we have control on what to share and vice versa.

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      1. I only recently got into KPOP through some friends and I love the community. Doing card trades is a lot of fun for me, everyone is so welcoming. I was always nervous about getting into it because I didn’t know where to start or what I would like but I’ve had so much help.

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      2. I sent my photo card but they never sent theirs. They claimed that my photo card was not in good condition when the recieved it. But this was not true because I sent her pictures before mailing it. She saw it was in very good condition. After that I never exchanged photocards again.

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      3. I was trading a Jin bts photocard for another bts member since I had duplicates. The worse thing was that they could have returned the item but they never did.

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