k-drama review: Her Private Life


Her private life starts of with Sung Dukmi, a curator who has a double life as a fansite noona. She dedicates her time to work and fangirling. The romance in here starts of as fake and eventually becomes real. I like the transition of this relationship since the drama was minimal. Nobody died or had any dramatical scene. All in all, the story was light hearted at first but in the end it becomes a little bit heavy. The drama comes from Ryan Gold trying to look for pieces of art from a painter named Lee Sol. This leads him to know more about his past and such. The addition of this fact made Ryan Gold a character with many facets. He was not just handsome and stoic but can be emotional at times. The plot did twist in episode 15 and 16 where in I thought it would all be happy feelings. As a whole, this k-drama was good. I like that I could relate to Sung Dukmi. Being a fangirl in her 30s is not an easy feat. It was amazing how she can balance a tiring schedule and fangirl too. A four hearts rating is a must since I liked the story and it was all good. Even the OST, Help me by GIDLE was catchy and cute. I would have given it a 5 hearts rating if I did not feel that everything was rushed in the end. Nevertheless, it is a light watch with a good office romance.

Thank you and Happy watching!

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