A 5 star read

July 30: What Makes a Book a 5 Star Read? (suggested by M.T. Wilson @ The Last Book on the Left)

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books. It is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. It is where different bookish topics are discussed, explained and ruminated. Different opinions are shared and blog hopping is encouraged too.

I joined this book meme because a topic could lead to different answers. It helps me share my thoughts while being educated by other posts too. Aside from this, I get to reflect on topics which interest me. Some people would not agree with my answers but that is okay, each to his own.

Prompts: How do you decide whether a book should get 5 stars? Do you try to keep 5 stars rating prestigious, or do you give them generously? Do you have a checklist of things a book must accomplish to be 5 stars? Are 5 star books perfect, or just very good? What are some of your favorite 5 star reads? What made them stand out?

A rating system and how a person would use them depends on taste or preference. 5 stars could be given freely or not. Being a 5 star read would usually reflect the books loved and enjoyed by a reader. However, some could give 5 starts just because they learned a lot from it. Also, this could rely on taste, age and gender. Bottom line is it depends on the preference and perspective of the person at the moment.

5 stars for me would be a good read. They are usually the ones I enjoyed and would recommend a lot. However, I made a special rating which is ” 5 stars and more” for the books I really cherished. This compromises of books where at some point in my life I have really loved them and value the feelings I felt from the story. This books are up for a reread where in I evaluate them again. Most books when I reread don’t have the same feeling they invoked at the first. This makes me afraid to do rereads but I eventually just reason out that I’m older and such.

I give a 5 stars rating where it is merited. If I give a high rating to a book I did not enjoy then I am not being true to myself. Before, I had a checklist but I just go with my feelings now. My feelings might change in time, but I acknowledge that I once did love them even if the story makes me cringe at the second read. 5 star rated books are good for me. They are enjoyable but not perfect. They missed the target at some point hence the rating. My favorite 5 star reads is I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson (YA) and The devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas (historical romance) and Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor. They are 5 star ratings since I enjoyed reading them. The writing was well done and the character development of each book was good. As for Muse of Nightmares it has made me want more from its universe. Compared to reads I gave a ” 5 stars and more” rating my 5 star rated books are more. All in all, a 5 star rating would be different from each person. Some would be stingy with it, others not. However, respecting each others preference and opinions is more important since not everyone would have the same.

Nice topic, this made me reflect on how I rate the books I read more.

Again thank you for reading and God bless,

– R

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