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October 19: Online Resources for Book Lovers (what websites, podcasts, apps, etc. do you use that make your reading life better?)

The truth is my online resource regarding books is in youtube and instagram. I have not ventured into booktok yet. I’m not saying no to it, but instagram and youtube are my main go to place to see new books or books that might interest me. As for reading organization, I rely on my bujo journal. I prefer to do it by hand and not rely on technology.

Trash Taste - Wikipedia

The only podcast I religiously listen to is Trash Taste. It is an “anime” podcast but mostly other topics are talked about. I was mainly hooked because the hosts have funny stories and their talks are sometimes informative. I do like it when they agree to disagree on stuff. Also, they would recommend interesting anime, movies, manga,etc.. As of now, it is on episode 70 and as long as it is fun to listen to, I’ll still subscribe. As for bookish podcasts, I was listening to Potterless before in spotify but I got bored and moved on. If you do know a good bookish podcast, do share by commenting below, I would like to check it out if it would get my attention. So that is all, this is a very short post for today, next week it might be longer.

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  1. I do all of my organizing in a Zinna journal, which is the perfect combo of digital and analog for me.

    My list—


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