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I joined this book meme because a topic could lead to different answers. It helps me share my thoughts while being educated by other posts too. Aside from this, I get to reflect on topics that interest me. It is also a post where everyone gets to disagree to agree.

Reading has lately been my main hobby. My other hobbies required me to go out which is not ideal now. Despite my love for reading, it could lead to burnout. I read different books just to avoid this downturn of events. As of now, I don’t have other hobbies that have stuck with me. Maybe, journaling could be considered as one. I like writing down what I have accomplished and stuff. However, this is like a chore for me since I need to do it daily to satisfy my need to be organized.

Aside from reading, I sometimes like to watch anime and movies. I miss watching movies in the movie theater but luckily I have a remedy for this. A projector and a white wall were all I need to mimic the big-screen effect. For anime, I am happy to watch it from my phone or the television. Sometimes my reading goals are disrupted by watching anime since it is an alternative hobby when no book interests me. Watching anime makes me feel nostalgic, like reading, this hobby is what I have been doing since my elementary years.

I do plan on taking other hobbies. Maybe, doing puzzles, playing computer games, drawing, crocheting, and others. I might try making dioramas too. I’ve been lately watching youtube channels that do this and I’m intrigued. It is challenging and maybe my creativity would bloom again. As of now, these are all are plans which I might or might not do. Hopefully, I would do them since thinking about it makes me happy.

I always find time to read. When I do errands, a book will be my best friend when I wait in line. This always happens in the bank and paying the bills. Having a book with me has become a habit. Thankfully e-books are accessible with a smartphone so even without a physical book, I can still read. This helps a lot since some books are bulky too. As for other hobbies, I make time for them and it adds variety to my life.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet. Somehow, I realized that this topic has made me wonder if reading is important to me. It is important but doing other things are important too. It helps me grow as an individual. It is only a matter of balancing everything and perspective.

Keep on reading and God bless,

– R

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4 thoughts on “reading and other hobbies

  1. I watch animes too! Ive started demon slayer, though I kinda set it aside for now 😅 things get to me in phases.. the constant is always gaming though; which I play on my mac & switch most of the time, though I own other consoles, and I

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    1. *aherm- sorry. And I play most during the day or before/after work. With how hard it can be for me to concentrate with TV/sounds/mother’s blabbing it is usually strictly before bed for me 😅 when everyone else is asleep

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